On Running - Point Two

Challenge and Opportunity

In 2010, On set out with an ambitious goal: to revolutionise the sensation of running. They approached us at an exciting time for their brand: with their roots in performance and running, On now wanted to expand into lifestyle projects.

In a unique position as both a performance running and all-day brand, On wanted to combine these two worlds during the London and New York City marathons, by appealing to their core target group of performance and casual runners, while sparking new interest in a younger, more diverse and trendsetting audience that value authentic and inspiring storytelling.

The “Point2'' project is a celebration and exploration of the marathon mindset and running culture through art. Inspired by the feelings the body and mind experience in the last 0.2k or miles of a marathon, “Point2” is a journey of visuals, lights, textures and sound designed to replicate the out of body experience of finishing a marathon.

The project aimed to:

  • Deliver a memorable big brand moment, and increase awareness of On in London and New York
  • Reach new audiences with an experience that would get people talking
  • Bring together London’s running and creative communities in an accessible and engaging cultural programme led by a variety of creative, health, and lifestyle partners.


To create a progressive and memorable experience that celebrates the marathon mindset and delivers the “Point Two” concept, we proposed a three stage approach to define, develop and deliver “Point Two”in a collaborative and community driven way.

To understand the culture of our targeted cities we recruited a ‘cultural council’ for the duration of the project:

LDN: Tyler Williams-Green, Liv Jank and Alice Tate

NYC: Tyler Busher, Monique Nieves and Kirsy Lovett In collaboration with artist Lucy Hardcastle, we developed visual identities for both LDN + NYC as well as the concept, design and direction for the installation spaces.

Insight and Impact

To create unique cultural programming for each location, we partnered with local creatives, collectives and communities such as:

LDN: Trippin, Athene Club, Tempo, The Outrunners, BLOK, Highsnobiety, Reprezent Radio, Kira Matthews

NYC: MoMA, SESSION, Dive in Well, Abby Wambach, Rise Radio, Highsnobiety

To generate buzz and excitement, we also produced a digital campaign series consisting of five films and selected photography, in collaboration with the creative production agency Rayon Vert in both LDN + NYC.

A picture of marathon runner Matthew. Photography by Frankie Perez.
A picture of a guest in immersive experience at Point 2.

Results and Reach

Approximately 3,000 people experienced Point2 over an eight day period across London and New York.

With promotion from media publications like Dazed, Highsnobiety, Hypebeast and more.