Future Creatives Report

Our latest report, in collaboration with D&AD, highlights the challenges and changes facing the creative industry today as told by industry experts, educators as well as the next generation of creatives.

More than 3,000 D&AD New Blood participants from over 65 countries were consulted to gather insight into the challenges that young creatives face today. This included emerging talent, industry and judges from different cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds, abilities and gender identities. The report found that financial insecurity, establishing networks and wellbeing are the primary challenges perceived by new creatives entering the industry.

In this report our intentions are focused on collaboration, elevation and advice, offering practical guidance for new creatives entering the industry. It demonstrates how a harmonious blend of education, expertise, and industry support can empower emerging talents and set them on a path to success.

And, amidst these turbulent times, where change is the only constant, this report underscores the industry's dire need for fresh perspectives, innovative approaches, greater collaboration, and purpose-driven work, with 57% of the New Blood winners considering their entry to be purposeful work that tries to do good in the world.

"The good thing is things like empathy, collaboration and accountability, these are skills that you don't have to go to an expensive university to acquire." (Eduardo De Felipe, CEO, Hanzo)