Is the boundary between digital and physical realities disappearing?

The lines between digital and physical identities are becoming increasingly blurred, and Studio. Halia’s latest report, "SkinDeep," delves into this transformative context, encouraging us to rethink our perceptions of self. As we traverse both realities, our understanding of identity continually evolves.

The report examines how these worlds intersect, revealing the complex interplay between our virtual personas and our physical selves and invites us to consider how digital platforms can both reflect and distort our cultural norms and personal identities. As we navigate the complexities of this 'phygital' existence, it's essential to recognise that our virtual spaces are not devoid of the biases and inequities that permeate our physical world. It's a mirror.

“Our virtual world wasn’t born from a post-feminist, post-racial, utopian landscape. It has been built in the image of our current culture – it’s a mirror, and a distorted one because our virtual world doesn’t come with the same regulations and responsibilities of our physical reality.” - Ellen Atlanta

In ‘SkinDeep', Studio.Halia navigates these intricate dynamics by examining the past, present, and future of self-expression, providing a comprehensive look at how our identities are continually reshaped in the digital age.

Dive into the report and join the conversation. We invite you to share your thoughts on how these insights resonate with your own experiences.

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