Our latest Dirty Words report marked a partnership between Protein Agency and Protein Community. We came together for a new take on collaborative research and collective creation. We aimed to decentralise the creation and curation process while also challenging our existing methodologies. This was done in order to facilitate more mutual discoveries, and all were conducted "in the open" via our existing channels and platforms.

It signals a new adventure by combining the collective intelligence of our incredible members with the extensive experience and knowledge of Protein Agency to collaboratively tackle the next Dirty Word report.

The agency has a long history of crafting and distributing high-quality reports, including the “Dirty Words” series. Dirty Words are words that dominate brand and media conversations and whose original meaning has been modified by cultural shifts. We want to take a step back and re-focus on the usage of these words. The goal is not to reach an objective definition of each Dirty Word, but to explore concept and context to build a foundation for discussion.

For the fourth issue, our joint forces are unpacking the topic ‘Community,’ in a joint new research adventure. We piloted new forms of funding, coordination, research, compensation, and distribution. With this report, we are exploring:

  • The spaces where IRL and URL communities live and thrive
  • The role community plays in our identities
  • The different economic opportunities and challenges of running a community.
  • What this all means for brands that are looking to engage with, create, cultivate, or grow their own communities.

The report PDF is available for download here