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Our services

Cultural Insight & Strategy

Our strategic insights are fuelled by leading-edge cultural expertise, research rigour and a stellar network of global cultural catalysts, community leaders and experts.

Brand Activation

We determine the approach best suited to your objective, identify the communities or profiles that align with your values and your strategy, guide you in successfully engaging and collaborating with them to create balanced and long lasting partnerships.


Our Impact model is a tool for positive change, amplifying the social and environmental impacts of our strategic brand work.

Our work

Nike x London Youth Games View case study


-Casper Hermanns, Director Consumer and Market Insights, Jordan Brand at Nike

Jägermeister Night Embassy View case study

Proud to have an average NPS score of 9.5

On Running - Point Two View case study

90% of our work comes from returning clients

Nike Social Community Impact View case study

Sustainability on TikTok View case study

Our three guiding principles

1. Thriving Communities

We have a long standing commitment to community. We strive to create an environment for communities we partner with to flourish through our Symbiotic Framework*. This encompasses transparent and fair terms, humble listening, setting shared intentions and calling out harmful or extractive dynamics.

2. Inclusivity Beyond Representation

We strive to be inclusive beyond surface level “representation” in our own agency, both in the ways we do research and in the activations we create.

3. Good Growth

We believe commerce has to find balance with people and planet. We strive to create strategies and activations that contribute to responsible business practice, and motivate conscious consumption.

Our Global 
Cultural Network

Our Global Cultural Network is a group of culturally aware individuals acting as beacons for their communities.

Whether it’s on client projects or our own Protein initiatives, we ensure that our Symbiotic Framework* forms the base of any partnership.

Members of this network are artists, creatives, experts, cultural leaders spanning all ages and passions across NA, EMEA, LATAM & APAC.

Together, we ensure a wide and authentic spectrum of voices and experiences in all our projects.

We’ve always been more than just an agency.

Since 1997 we’ve consistently been inspired by what is happening at the sharp edge of culture. This is reflected in the various projects we’ve launched over the years, from the Protein Journal, Protein Studios, Protein Supplement, or Protein Podcast, to more recently, our $PRTN token and community who are using web3 to redefine the meaning of good growth.

We became a certified B Corporation in August 2022.

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