Jägermeister Night Embassy

Challenge and opportunity

Jägermeister has long supported nightlife, recognising that it owes much of its success to life after dark.

In 2018 the brand approached Protein to design a new experiential concept in the nightlife scene. With a new Global Culture and Experiential department, it was important that this concept go beyond any traditional brand event and become a flagship activation to simultaneously boost brand credibility in nightlife culture, excite those embedded in the scene and build a meaningful global community of creative ‘meisters’.

This would move beyond paid brand ambassadors to create brand advocates through meaningful support and opportunities; beyond experiences purely for consumers to experiences designed by and for emerging talent, boosting brand perception through visible impact.


he brand’s spiritual home is Berlin, and the city’s history as a playground for innovative, alternative and underground nightlife inspired the resulting concept - Jägermeister Night Embassy.

When the Night Embassy lands in a new market, a Creative Board of local cultural icons selects Ambassadors of the Night who create unique cultural programmes for unusual venues in that city’s nightlife district.

Ambassadors receive funding and support from an experienced team of nightlife professionals to create programmes reflecting local nightlife culture, embracing experimentation to explore new directions

Jägermeister Night Embassy builds brand equity through actions not words, based on a philosophy of supporting emerging creatives to realise their artistic goals rather than pre-defining output. Support for the creatives doesn’t end with the closing party of the residency, instead artists are supported continually by the brand when it’s over.

In addition to local editions, we've recently launched Night-Embassy.com, an editorial platform that shares local stories with a global audience. It plays a crucial role in our mission to become the premier branded platform guiding the way forward in nightlife. Beyond amplification, it educates the next wave of nightlife talent by sharing the global JNE community's knowledge and experience through online storytelling.

A picture of two people walking through Tokyo
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‘As our global lead agency, Protein has been pivotal in designing and launching Jägermeister Night Embassy and growing it into the flagship experiential platform it has become today.’

Kai Dechsling Director Global Culture & Experiential Marketing Mast Jägermeister

Insight & impact

From a brand perspective, The Night Embassy goes beyond sponsorship to true support for creative communities. Through this series, Jägermeister has managed to be invited to cultural spaces unattainable to other brands, building meaningful connections with the local communities, learning from them and ensuring sustainable relationships.

As well as community impacts, The Night Embassy generates incredible content opportunities. Outputs so far include a podcast interview series in Bogotá, a mini documentary piece about a drag artist in Tokyo, a series of Spotify playlists, written interview pieces with creatives, a coffee table book documenting 5 years of the project and an upcoming two-part short documentary in Joburg.



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