Dating Trends with Bumble

What does it mean to date today? The 21st century’s first decade brought with it technological advancements that changed how we communicate and connect. Meeting new people, sharing new experiences and embarking on new adventures became the hallmarks of our tech enabled dating lives.

In partnership with Bumble we took a look at how culture, age and technology shapes preferences and attitudes around dating and romance across Europe and the UK to be released in time for Valentines day. You can also read some of the press coverage here and here.

We spoke to 12,000 Millennials and Gen Z in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Ireland, asking them questions around their dating app habits (the good and the bad) and their personal preferences from initial swipe to meet up. To help us contextualise our findings, we spoke to five experts on dating and relationship culture who provided insight into the cultural and generational differences across Europe and the United Kingdom.