Nurturing Brand x Community Partnerships - A How To Workshop

Inspired by our latest Dirty Words report and our history of Community collaborations, we have created a 90 minute workshop exploring tried and tested principles for establishing, nurturing and continuing brilliant brand partnerships.

You will walk away with:

  • Why Community has become a dirty word (spoiler alert - a lot of it is because of brands overuse and misuse of the term, something we’re hearing A LOT esp from Gen Z in research)
  • The defining characteristics of Community we should keep in mind
  • How Community is not the same as audience (and the ways in which they overlap)
  • Ingredients for a Community to thrive - e.g roles, intentions, tools and environments
  • What brands need to do to establish and nurture successful community partnerships - principles and best practices.

Let us know your preferred date for a 90 minute interactive session via the dropdown box below. We can accommodate 8-10 attendees per workshop.