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1. Concept Crafting

Jägermeister Night Embassy

Driven by a balance of commercial and community aspirations, we envision concepts that will bring this collaboration to life.

Whether through evocative storytelling or a fusion of physical and digital content, our approach aims to bridge brands with both their core and new audiences.

With a unified view from brand and community stakeholders, we then embark on a journey to bring this shared vision to fruition.

How we do it:
Design core narrative and storytelling framework, identify and deploy relevant activation channels, convert to project systems for roll-out

2. Partner Identification & Connection

Gore-tex x Sigrid, Ålesund, 2019

Our teams have been observing and engaging with communities around the world since our beginnings.

Today, fortified with the expertise of our Global Cultural Network, we weave together the stories of vibrant communities, inspirational community leaders, and curated media partners.

We then go one step further – we manage all associated relationships and the essential contracting processes that accompany them.

How we do it:
Cultural partnership strategies, community reach-outs/open calls, establish relationships, community CRM systems

3. Campaign Co-Creation

Nike x London Youth Games

In a truly collaborative process, we form bespoke project teams, uniting community leaders and local creatives to produce a spectrum of digital and experiential content.

The result is a rich collection of unique touchpoints, suitable for campaigns, social media and organic sharing through community channels.

Together, we craft genuine stories that resonate.

How we do it:
Creative and strategic consultancy, organisation and project management, experiential/content support

4. Brand platform management

Jägermeister Night Embassy

A Brand platform embodies a brand's timeless ideology and identity.

Working closely with brands and local communities, we manage multi-market brand platforms, ensuring consistent strategic alignment and achieving set KPIs.

Alongside delivering immediate wins, our approach is anchored in long-term commitments, building trust and genuinely integrating into the cultural fabric.

The brand platforms we have been involved in have granted brands access to unexplored audiences and markets, fostered social impact and positive shifts in brand perception.

How we do it:
Editorial platform management/content production, ongoing community engagement, liaising between the brand and the culture, community surveys/evaluations

Here are some examples of recent challenges we’ve loved working on:

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